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About c.Francisco Photography

c.Francisco Photography is the only photographer for your next event.


Having years of experience shooting and editing high-profile events in the greater Los Angeles County and Orange County, c.Francisco Photography brings incomparable skills to the table with their naturally creative and journalistic style.  They understand that you and your event are unique, and they easily cater to your exact specifications.  



All clients initially remember c.Francisco Photography as the charming and easy-going photographers who make everyone feel comfortable in front of the lens.  Once the images come back, c.Francisco Photography stays memorable with their uncanny ability to beautifully capture both the biggest milestones and the hidden gems of any event. No doubt, c.Francisco Photography has an insightful perspective and a sharp eye. With an arsenal of state-of-the-art equipment at his disposal, you can trust that your memories will be picture perfect. You can also be assured that c.Francisco Photography will create a budget-friendly photography package personalized just for your needs.


Our Philosophy
This is fun. We’re here to enjoy ourselves, and when we do that, we capture beautiful people and beautiful moments. We approach our photography this way and find that, paired with our experience and technical skill, this makes your photography inspiring for us, and we get exciting results.


Couples, Children, Family, and Pet Photography
Aside from event photography, we also specialize in capturing your sweetest personal moments - hold the event! Couples, children, family, home and pet photoshoots are some of our favorite portraits to create. You'll be the target of admiration by your family and friends once they see your sweetest and personal moments captured, revealing the essence of who you are and your passions in life! Nothing says, "Home Sweet Home" like seizing the most precious moments and displaying them as art on your walls and on your living room mantels.

Landscape and Nature Photography
We are where the best still action is at - nature! Natural light provides for the best landscape and nature photography. We enjoy strategic shots of our beautiful surroundings. We get up, close, and personal with nature.


Photography for Small and Large Business

In addition to personal photography, c.Francisco Photography also consults with small and large businesses on product, service and merchandise photography that enhance and build their brand image. We understand that our clients' needs are unique, and we are proud to offer exceptional customized service through personalized attention, creative guidance, meticulous attention to detail and consistent follow-through.


Whether you want personalized photography of your special events, celebrations, or photography for your small or large business needs, please inquire about having c.Francisco Photography for all your photography needs. 


We look forward to working with you in capturing your most personal moments, as well as making your personalized photographs one-of-a-kind.

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